Singer Lola Falana

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on October 19, 2003

I was a big fan of Lola Falana during her heyday. Can you tell me what happened to her?
—Brad B., Illinois

Falana, who became known during the 1970s for her singing and dancing in Las Vegas, has traded showbiz for a higher purpose. The change came when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1987. The disease left her partially blind and unable to walk. Lying helpless in her bed for five days, she prayed, and says she felt God's presence sweep over her. A year and half later, she regained her health and returned to the Vegas stage, but soon decided that she had more important work to do. Falana, 60, began to travel around the country, telling her inspiring story of faith to one church or school group after another. Today, she works with Save Sub-Saharan Orphans ( "I have not traveled for a year and a half now (for missionary work)," she says. "As a servant of God, I write letters on behalf of Africa's people and I do my best to assist where God leads me."