Lonestar Family

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on May 30, 2004

What can you tell me about the members of Lonestar? Are they married and do they have children?
—Linda P., Oregon

All but one are married, but the "lone" unmarried Lonestar is engaged. That's drummer Keech Rainwater, and he's getting married this September. And all of Lonestar's members are fathers. Lead singer Richie McDonald and his wife, Lorie, have three—a boy, Rhett, and two girls, Mollie and Maisie. Dean Sams (keyboards) and his wife, Kim, have a boy, Bryson, and a girl, Britney. Michael Britt (lead guitar) and his wife, Renee, have a son, Ethan. And Rainwater has a son, Dakota. McDonald immortalized his family in the song, I'm Already There, which was inspired by a phone call from the road, when his then-2-year-old son asked, "Daddy, when are you coming home?" And My Front Porch Looking In describes his daughters ("a carrot-top that can barely walk" and "a little blue-eyed blonde with her shoes on wrong"). Both songs struck a nerve with the public. "I remember writing I'm Already There, thinking it was too close to my heart for anybody else to really get it," McDonald says. "Then I played it for our producer, and he cried. I thought, ‘Whoa, that's a good sign.' My priorities changed when I got married and started having children. It made me realize what's important."