Musician Lou Christie

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on October 14, 2007

Q What is Lou Christie doing these days and how can I find out his tour schedule?
—Donna Lare, Alliance, Ohio

Born Luigi Sacco in Glenwillard, Pa., Christie, 64, continues to perform the 1960s pop hits that made him famous, "Lightnin' Strikes" and "I'm Gonna Make You Mine." You can find his tour schedule on his website, "The shows get better and better," says the singer, who adds that his trademark falsetto is as strong as ever. "I still sing everything in the same key I recorded it in." Christie's 1966 hit "Rhapsody in the Rain" sparked a firestorm of radio controversy with its steamy tale of a teenage romantic encounter punctuated by the sound of a car's windshield wipers that seemed to whisper "together, together" and "never, never."