Actor Lou Diamond Phillips

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on December 9, 2001

I loved Lou Diamond Phillips' portrayal of Richie Valens. What is he doing now?
—Joleen A., Iowa

The role of the late rock star in 1987's La Bamba put Phillips' acting career on the map. That career continues this fall in the new CBS series Wolf Lake, which stars Phillips, 39, in the suspense thriller. Born and raised in Arlington, Texas, he started acting in the sixth-grade and became involved in the Dallas/Fort Worth theater and film scene. He went on to major in drama at the University of Texas at Arlington, and even today shares his love for the craft as a guest lecturer at the American Film Institute. Phillips has appeared in such movies as Young Guns, its sequel, and Courage Under Fire. "Acting gives me the opportunity to say things about love, courage, and conviction that I feel need to be said," Phillips says. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Kelly, and their three daughters.