‘The Hulk’ Joins ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Celebrity Q&A, People
on February 1, 2012

I loved watching The Incredible Hulk as a kid. What is Lou Ferrigno doing these days?

—David LaLane, Cleveland, Ohio

The actor, internationally famous bodybuilder and former Mr. Universe, now 60, appeared in several other TV shows and movies after starring in the popular 1978-82 series, in which he played the green, growling, muscle-bound Hulk. He had a recurring role, as himself, on TV's King of Queens, and made a cameo as a security guard in the 2003 big-screen Hulk remake. Beginning Feb. 12, you can see him in a different kind of role-as one of the participants vying for Donald Trump's business blessing on the new version of the hit NBC series The Celebrity Apprentice.