‘Lucky Dog’ Star Brandon McMillan on Saving Dogs

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on February 1, 2014

What can you tell me about Brandon McMillan from CBS animal rescue series “Lucky Dog”?
—Matti Brazil, Wheeling, West Virginia

With parents who were lion tamers, Brandon McMillan, 36, grew up traveling with the circus. He jokes that he’s been “picking up animal poop” as far back as he can remember. Following family tradition, he has trained lions, bears, tigers, reptiles and even insects for movies, including “The Hangover,” “We Bought a Zoo,” “The Jungle Book 2” and “Red Dragon.” He’s also rescued dogs on death row and turned them into pets, service animals and movie stars at his Lucky Dog Ranch. “Over 1.5 million dogs are euthanized every year in America because they can’t find homes,” he says. “I’m just doing my part.”