Singer Lucky Shy

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on July 11, 2004

I was hoping to get some information on Nashville recording artist Lucky Shy.

—Elisha H., New Mexico

Lucky Shy lives in St. Louis, Mo., where he was born. He may sport a cowboy hat while onstage, but it’s a captain’s helmet he wears on his day job as a professional firefighter, commanding a rescue squad. He first imagined being a musician when his father’s best friend played country songs on his guitar for the neighborhood kids. “I was hooked,” he says. “That passion just got inside of me very young.” But he also dreamed of becoming a public servant. A much-decorated firefighter, he also works to raise money for the Backstoppers, an organization that assists the families of fallen policemen and firefighters. On a trip to Nashville, Tenn., Lucky met producer Joe Stampley, who helped him get his music recorded. “My goal is to entertain to the best of my ability and to take my career as far as my fans allow me to,” he says. His CD is available through his website,