Actress Lucy Lawless

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on August 27, 2006

What can you tell me about Lucy Lawless from Xena: Warrior Princess, and what she is doing now?
—Geri Brija, Maniso, Ill.

Lawless grew up in New Zealand, where childhood friends good-naturedly called her Unco—for "uncoordinated." She admits her first starring role, as TV's swashbuckling Xena in 1995, was an extreme physical challenge. "I was bruised for two years," she says. She's currently appearing (as a beautiful humanoid robot masquerading as a TV reporter) on the Sci Fi network series Battlestar Galactica, and she'll play the lead in a new movie musical called Welcome to the Pleasure Dome. Around home in Los Angeles, her friends these days call her Dot, a nickname she chose "because it's easier to spell."