Actress Lucy Liu

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on February 4, 2001

Before Ally McBeal and Charlie's Angels, we had never heard of Lucy Liu. What is her acting background?
—Jon S., Maine

Lucy Liu, 33, was born in Queens, N.Y., the youngest of three children of Chinese immigrants. She attended New York University and the University of Michigan, earning a degree in Chinese language and culture. She began acting in college as the lead in the campus play Alice in Wonderland. Liu has worked as both an aerobics instructor and caterer and landed her first television role in 1991 on Beverly Hills 90210. Other television shows followed, but Liu really made a name for herself when she joined the cast of Ally McBeal. Originally, she was scheduled for only six episodes, but her character became so popular that she was made a regular. She made her film debut in 1996's Jerry McGuire and has had roles in the Austin Powers sequel and True Crime, not to mention starring as one of Charlie's Angels. Liu, who is single, spends her free time practicing martial arts and yoga.