Singer Lyle Lovett

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on February 18, 2001

I just love singer Lyle Lovett. What is he working on now?
—Sandi C., Rhode Island

"My next project will be recording a new record," says Lovett, 43, who lives in his hometown near Houston, Texas. "I'm home writing songs." The album will be released late this year or early 2002. He wrote the soundtrack for the Robert Altman film Dr. T & The Women last year and is filming a movie, The New Guy, in Austin, Texas. "Creatively, I enjoy it because it's such a collaborative thing," he says of acting. "Actors in a film are such a small part, really, of everything that's going on. It's a funny kind of thing because it's such an intense experience for such a short period of time, and it's all of these different people having to rely 100 percent on each other. Everything that everybody does affects everybody."