Actor Lyle Waggoner

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on June 20, 2004

Lyle Waggoner was so good on The Carol Burnett Show. Is he still acting?
—Ellen W., Kansas

Waggoner, 69, joined his cast mates for a recent reunion show, and last year played himself in the TV movie Return To the Batcave. But he doesn't seek out acting jobs anymore. He stumbled onto a new business idea, which turned into his next career, when he landed a role on the TV series Wonder Woman in the late 1970s. "They showed me a motor home that I'd be using and said they rented it from a private owner," Waggoner recalls. "I said, 'If I had a motor home, would you rent it from me?' They said, 'Sure.' I got one and used it for three years." And that was the beginning of Star Waggons, which builds and supplies trailers to film studios. The business has been booming for 25 years. Waggoner is semi-retired now, with his sons Jason and Beau running the company. He and his wife split their time between California and Jackson Hole, Wyo., and he likes to spend time golfing and fishing.