‘Mid-Century Ads’ Book Review

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on May 6, 2012
American Airlines

Mid-Century Ads: Advertising From the Mad Men Era
By Jim Heimann & Steven Heller
Hardcover, 2 vols. 720 pages ($59.99)

“Mad Men,” the hit AMC TV series about the go-go lives of advertising execs in the 1960s, may be the hottest thing on television. But this lavish collection is a reason to turn off the tube and curl up with these two volumes of high-definition reproductions of hundreds of newspaper and magazine print ads from that era, which once upon a consumer-crazy time pitched Americans cigarettes, whiskey, undergarments, cars, air travel, movies, savings bonds, household goods and just about every other conceivable thing that could be worn, ridden, inhaled, ingested, imbibed, absorbed, applied or otherwise enjoyed! 

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