‘Made in America’

Celebrity Q&A
on June 19, 2005

We really enjoy Made in America. What can you tell us about John Ratzenberger? Where can we write with suggestions of factories he can tour?
—Barbara C., New York

John Ratzenberger, 58, believes very strongly in the philosophy of his Travel Channel show Made in America. "The reason I wanted to do the show is that it really celebrates people who are responsible for themselves and their children. They get up early and put their hand to something useful. That's really the backbone of civilization. Hollywood tends to ignore that," says Ratzenberger, who is best known for playing Cliff on the TV show Cheers. When Cheers ended, he moved his family away from Hollywood. "We lived on an island in the Pacific Northwest, and I started a little farm just so my kids could put their hand to something useful," he says. "I'm a great believer that common sense comes from working with your hands. We stayed up there for eight years, and I gave them a little Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn experience." Now divorced, he lives in a Los Angeles suburb with his two children—James, 17, and Nina, 16. He says the best way to make a suggestion is through the website www.travelchannel.com.


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