‘Major League Dads’ Book Review

Editor's Picks, Featured Article
on June 25, 2012

Major League Dads
By Kevin Neary & Leigh A. Tobin
Hardcover, 254 pages ($20)

From backyard games of catch through the sandlot sagas of Little League, baseball has always offered a connection between fathers and sons. This collection of memories from more than 100 contemporary Major League players is a testament to that bond, as Derek Jeter, Justin Verlander, Greg Maddux, Chipper Jones, Mariano Rivera and many others recall the heartwarming ways their dads provided encouragement, built a foundation of fundamentals and instilled the values of discipline, hustle, patience and sportsmanship. “There might be 55,000 fans in the stands,” says Kansas City Royals outfielder Jeff Francoeur, “but you can always hear your dad’s voice.”

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