Makeup for Men

Beauty, Home & Family
on January 14, 2012

There are certain grooming products men need: razor, shaving cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and makeup. Makeup? Apparently, some men think it's not only OK to wear makeup, but that it actually helps them look more manly.

How many men wear makeup? $4.8 billion was spent on male grooming products in the United States in 2009. Of course, there's a big difference between grooming products and makeup, between deodorant and mascara. Although makeup isn't the norm quite yet, a walk through the cosmetic department at certain department stores — Macy's, for example — provides a look at masculine beauty products, such as bronzers and face masks, a term that used to only apply to one of man's last domains, football.

What are popular male makeup products? Men are simple creatures. They don't want to spend two hours applying foundation, eye liner or lipstick. They just want to look good. They feel skin tints, body and face highlighters and concealers will help them accomplish that goal. Most men justify their makeup use by calling it a skin care product. Sites such as Kenmen, dedicated to securing "premium quality global ingredients … to formulate … result-driven skin care and body care products" for men, have reported sharp increases in men skin care sales.

What do men think about this phenomenon? asked men what they thought about men wearing makeup. The responses were mixed. Some readers called it a sign of sophistication, while others considered it proof positive that "manhood is doomed." Regardless of what position you take on the man wearing makeup debate, male makeup use is only going to get more prevalent.

Why do men wear makeup? The answer's obvious. Men want to look good. In a world where looks are becoming increasingly important, there may be no end to the trend of men wearing makeup. So when the Avon Guy comes knocking on your door, let him in … or not.