Journalists Margaret and Tucker Carlson

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on January 29, 2006

Are reporters Margaret Carlson and Tucker Carlson related?
—C. Lorenz, Limestone, Fla.

No, CNN commentator Margaret and MSNBC's Tucker are not related, but they're good friends—even though they have opposing political views. "I love Margaret," says Tucker, the conservative of the pair. "I just had lunch with her the other day. I've known her for a long time." San Francisco-born Tucker, 36, followed his father's lead into the business, ultimately working for CNN for seven years before heading to MSNBC last year. He once famously promised to eat his own shoe if Hillary Clinton's Living History memoir sold a million copies. When it did, Clinton presented him with a cake in the shape of a shoe—a "right-wingtip." Tucker lives just outside of New York City with his wife of 14 years and their four children.