Marianne Jean-Baptiste Joining Tom Cruise in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

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on March 23, 2014
Joel Kinnaman;Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Joel Kinnaman in Columbia Pictures' "RoboCop."

I am curious to know what the beautiful Marianne Jean-Baptiste from the TV show “Without a Trace” has been doing lately.
—Shane Blaisdell, South Portland, Maine

After “Without a Trace” ended in 2009, the actress kept busy with a variety of projects, including playing Detroit police chief Karen Dean in the recently released movie “RoboCop,” which will be followed this summer by a role in “Edge of Tomorrow,” a Tom Cruise sci-fi extravaganza. Back on TV, the London, England-born actress, 46, is shooting a recurring role on the NBC series “Believe.” She’s also appeared on the TV shows “Sons of Anarchy,” “Private Practice” and “Harry’s Law.”