Singer-comedian Mark Lowry

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on November 7, 2004

What happened to Mark Lowry, who used to sing with the Gaither Vocal Band?

—Mrs. Horace B., South Carolina

Mark Lowry, who sang baritone for 13 years in the award-winning Southern gospel quartet, is busy with a solo career as a singer and Christian comedian. He’s touring the country this year with LordSong and Stan Whitmire. His second all-singing album, Some Things Never Change, was released in 2003. The 46-year-old Houston native attended Liberty College in Lynchburg, Va., intending to study business. Instead, he wound up performing at numerous independent Baptist churches around the country for several years after college. In those days, he had to fill the gaps between his songs while he was waiting for someone to change his soundtracks. “Those few seconds of ‘dead air’ can feel like hours when you’re on stage facing a crowd, so to fill time, I’d start talking about my life and my testimony. People would laugh . . . and I finally realized I was on to something,” says Lowry, who has homes in Houston and Nashville, Tenn.