The Weather Channel’s Marshall Seese and Heather Tesch

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on August 27, 2006

Are Marshall Seese and Heather Tesch on The Weather Channel related? They always seem to be wearing coordinated colors. We feel they must be married to dress like that every day!
—Dot and Jerry Autry, Burgaw, N.C.

The Your Weather Today co-hosts are not married to each other, but they joke about being "work spouses" after spending so much on-air time together since 1999. Tesch picks out her outfits in advance and tells Seese, who then wears a tie to match the next day. "I really enjoy the challenge of figuring out what might match (Tesch's) color descriptions like 'Pepto Bismol pink,' 'rust,' 'cooked salmon,' 'pumpkin' or 'robin's egg blue,'" he says with a laugh.