Actress Martha Plimpton

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on September 9, 2011

I think that Martha Plimpton is hilarious on the comedy Raising Hope, but she is only 40. Did she have second thoughts about playing a grandmother?
—Barry Collins, Sedona, Ariz.

For Plimpton, good scripts are more important than worrying about playing a grandma, as she does in the sitcom about a 23-year-old raising an infant daughter with help from his family.

She says, “The character is the character. She was a mother at 15, which is something that happens, right? And then her son grew up and had his own kid. She wasn’t expecting to be a mother when she was, and she wasn’t expecting to be a grandmother now.”

Of course, if the character was running around in a gray wig like they had Estelle Getty do on Golden Girls, Plimpton says it might have been a different story. She admits, “If they had me walking around with a cane, going ‘Hey, sonny,’ that I might not have been willing to do. But because I’m playing someone my own age that is thrust into having a responsibility that she’s not really keen to have, that’s fine with me. There’s comedy there.”