Actor Martin Short

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on May 5, 2002

Are Martin Short and Jiminy Glick the same person? They look, sound, and act so much alike. I know Martin can play many parts.
—Joan C., California

Martin and Jiminy are one and the same. Short, 52, created the Jiminy Glick character during his short-lived talk and variety show and re-created him for the Comedy Central series Primetime Glick. The rotund Glick is a spoof of celebrity interviewers. Short probably has encountered Glick types throughout his successful television and movie career. The Ontario, Canada, native first caught the eye of the American public as a part of SCTV Network, a Canadian comedy skit series shown in the United States. Like his colleagues in the group (Eugene Levy, John Candy, Catherine O'Hara, and others), Short played numerous characters. He joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 1984, where his always cheerful Ed Grimley character became an instant hit. He went on to a successful movie career, co-starring in Three Amigos, Inner Space, and Father of the Bride. Short is married and has three children. (Jiminy Glick also is married with children.)