Rockabilly Singer Marvin Rainwater

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on December 12, 2004

What happened to Marvin Rainwater? The song he was known for was Gonna Find Me a Bluebird.
—Kent B., Mississippi

Now 79, the rockabilly and country star still performs with energy and enthusiasm to audiences around the world. "I'm a health nut, take the right kind of vitamins and anti-oxidants," he says. "In fact, I'm a walking advertisement for anti-oxidants, because I just finished building a new house myself." The house has a room for him to work on his music, which he says still takes up 99 percent of his time. "The rest is fishing," he jokes. Born in Wichita, Kan., he often traveled to Minnesota on fishing trips and decided to stay. He and his wife of 22 years live in Aitkin, Minn. (pop. 1,984).