Marx Brothers single DVDs Revew

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on June 25, 2011

Marx Brothers Singles

A new series of re-releases from Universal Studios spotlights the comedy genius of Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo, the iconic Marx Brothers, who transitioned from New York vaudeville into Hollywood show biz with 15 movies between 1921 to 1957. These five, now available individually, are among their finest. The Cocoanuts (1929) finds them fleecing guests in a resort hotel. Groucho stars as Captain Spaulding, the heralded African explorer, in Animal Crackers (1930). It’s hilarity on the high seas in Monkey Business (1931). The college parody Horse Features (1932) escalates into a classic rigged football game. And Duck Soup (1933) is a zany satire about the make-believe warring nations of Freedonia and Sylvania.

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