So You Think You Can Dance' Judge Mary Murphy

Celebrity Q&A
on July 31, 2011

How is So You Think You Can Dance judge Mary Murphy doing? I heard she was diagnosed with cancer.
—Amanda West, Austin, Texas

Murphy, 53, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2007 and had the tumor removed last December. She returned this spring as a judge for the eighth season of the hit Fox TV dance competition. "I was told I was cancer free. I had my final PET scan right before the Atlanta [auditions], and I was on top of the world by the time we started taping that show that day," she says. Known for her enthusiastic outbursts, she still has to be careful. "My vocal chords still seem to be quite irritated. If I talk all day, I kind of lose my voice. But I'm just so grateful I have one," says the native of Lancaster, Ohio.


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