Clint Eastwood Drama ‘Hereafter’

on April 2, 2011

For thousands of years, humans have pondered the question: What happens after we die?

Director Clint Eastwood builds on the topic in Hereafter, a gripping drama about three very different people whose worlds intersect in a shared quest for answers about the afterlife.

Matt Damon stars as George, a San Francisco forklift driver with psychic gift that has come to haunt him. Cecile de France plays Marie, a French journalist whose life is forever changed by a near-death experience. Young newcomer Frankie McLaren makes his acting debut as Marcus, a London boy longing to reconnect with his twin brother, who was killed after running into the path of an oncoming truck.

Beyond the harrowing wallop of the first 15 minutes, the movie settles into a more reflective, melancholy groove, a character study of three people each struggling with how to reconcile life on "this side" with whatever’s waiting on "the other side."

There aren't any supernatural surprises, ghostly gotchas, religious posturings or M. Night Shyamalan-style, Sixth Sense-ish twists. Eastwood coaxes the drama, and the emotion, out of the human thirst to know what lies beyond this mortal coil—and the ancient, near-universal curiosity about those who've passed over to it, whatever it is.  

There are several extras on the DVD and even more on the Blu-ray, which includes a 90-minute documentary on Eastwood’s career as an actor and director and nine making-of featurettes.

If thinking about the afterlife makes you hungry for an after-dinner treat, try this heavenly concoction.

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