Are Matthew Fox’s Tattoos Real?

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on November 20, 2012
Matthew Fox looked so different in the movie “Alex Cross” I almost didn’t recognize him. Are those tattoos for real?
Jillian DiLauro, Atlantic City, N.J.
If you were a fan of “Lost,” you know that Fox, 46, who played Dr. Jack Shephard, already sported some tattoos. But he has had additional ink work done since the series went off the air. For the role of Picasso in “Alex Cross,” director Rob Cohen agreed with Fox that the tats actually worked for the psycho killer character.
“You have the option of spending an extra 45 minutes in the makeup trailer in the morning to get that stuff covered, or you have the option of saying, ‘These are going to be Picasso’s.’ That was the option we took,” the actor says. “I didn’t feel like it was too far of a stretch from the guy we were creating. He has this obsession with pain. Not just inflicting it on others. He really enjoyed it on himself.”
As for the rest of his physical appearance, it took the Abington, Penn.-born actor five months and a serious commitment to not eating his favorite foods, not having a glass of wine after dinner and spending a lot of time in the gym to achieve the look.
“The physical weight-loss part of it was really challenging,” he says. “I was curious about whether I could do something like that. I proved to myself that I could.”
Fox admits that toward the end of filming, he couldn’t wait until he was finished with his role. He remembers craving really high-carbohydrate food.
“My wife is Italian and a fantastic cook,” he says. “She makes a particularly good lasagna. I think the best lasagna in the world. Getting back to eating regularly was fantastic. My mother is Italian and a mother. When I started losing all the weight, it was really hard for her. Every time she would see me, she would gasp and say, ‘I want to feed you.’”
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