Singer Maureen McGovern

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on May 9, 2004

Can you please tell me about singer Maureen McGovern and if she is singing or recording?
—Faith B., Wisconsin

Maureen McGovern was working as a secretary when she got the nod to record The Morning After for the 1972 film The Poseiden Adventure. After that song reached No. 1, McGovern followed with another disaster movie hit, We May Never Love This Way Again, from The Towering Inferno. Though she dominated the music charts for a time in the 1970s, McGovern branched out beyond pop stardom. She's acted on Broadway and television, sang with symphonies and performed duets with Placido Domingo, Mel Torme and Sting. She also established Works of Heart, which brings music to caregivers and their patients, after singing at a pediatric unit in Pittsburgh one Christmas Eve. She closed with the hopeful The Morning After. "As the children's beds were being wheeled back to their rooms, one by one, each parent clung to me with tears in their eyes," McGovern recalls. "One mother thanked me over and over again for making her heart 'smile'—something she hadn't felt in over a year. I will never forget their faces. I knew, then and there, that I was put on this earth to sing music that comforts and inspires." Plans are underway for her to star as Marmee in a Broadway musical version of Little Women later this year.