ESPN’s Max Kellerman

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on March 6, 2005

What ever happened to ESPN's Max Kellerman?
—Bob F., New York

The native New Yorker hosts I, Max on the Fox Sports Network. Kellerman, 31, has been fascinated with sports since he was a kid. "My first memory of becoming obsessed with sports is watching Muhammad Ali fight Ernie Shavers with my dad," he says. "What I remember best, was thinking at the time that the champ's name was one word ("Muhammadali") and having the sense at 4 years old that Ali was overrated. I was wrong about both things, but I was a ‘sports guy' from that moment forward." Kellerman and his wife live in New York City, and when he's not talking sports, he's a big chess fan. "I love to play; I love to watch," he says. "Essentially, chess is a non-contact combat sport, which probably explains its unending appeal to me."