‘I Say, I Say…Son’ Book Review

Editor's Picks, Featured Article
on December 30, 2012

“I Say, I Say…Son!”
By Robert McKimson Jr.
Hardcover, 232 pages ($45 / Santa Monica Press)

Taking its title from a cartoon catchphrase that will be familiar to anyone who watched cartoons in the 1960s, this lavishly illustrated collection celebrates the McKimson brothers, the three groundbreaking illustrators who brought dozens of animated characters vibrantly to life. Beginning with Bob McKimson’s creation of Foghorn Leghorn, the Tasmanian Devil, Speedy Gonzales and other iconic pen-and-ink companions of Bugs Bunny in the Loony Tunes family, it continues with the later work of Chuck and Tom at Warner Bros., Dell Comics and Golden Books, with hundreds of reproductions of original artwork, comic book panels, screen captures and never-before-seen memorabilia from the collection of the author, Bob McKimson’s son. It’s a treasure trove of memories sure to delight any grownup who grew up with a craving for cartoon chuckles.