Actress Megan Hilty

Celebrity Q&A, People
on June 8, 2008

Who played "good witch" Glinda in the episode of Ugly Betty where Betty and her boss go to see Wicked? She was perfect!
—Linda Rohrlich, Acton, Calif.

Actress Megan Hilty, who starred in the Los Angeles production of the hit Broadway musical loosely based on The Wizard of Oz, reprised her role as the benevolent Glinda when TV's Ugly Betty came calling. Next, Hilty takes over the starring role of Doralee Rhodes that Dolly Parton made famous in the movie 9 to 5, when that production opens as a new musical in Los Angeles this fall. Hilty, 27, says of working with Parton, who wrote the new production's music and lyrics: "It was daunting at first, but she is so super cool, she puts everybody at ease."