Melissa Barrington and Sandra Diaz

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on October 23, 2005

Could you please tell me where Melissa Barrington and Sandra Diaz from The Weather Channel have gone?
—Mary B., Arkansas

According to the Atlanta-based Weather Channel, Melissa Barrington left the channel after the birth of her first child to spend more time with her family. Sandra Diaz left, also to be closer to family, returning home to El Paso, Texas, where she took a job with KFOX-TV. "I felt too far away," says Diaz, 37. "It had been 15 years since I left." For Diaz, witnessing a monstrous Texas tornado during her college days at Texas State had a life-changing impact. "I was so fascinated," says the former biology major. "I changed directions." The still-single Diaz loves her job as a chief meteorologist at KFOX, which she says is more hands-on than her work at The Weather Channel. "Every step in my career has been something different, so I feel very lucky."