Melissa Peterman since Reba

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on August 2, 2012

What has Melissa Peterman been up to since Reba went off the air?
—Steve Kaan, Durham, N.C.

Peterman, 41, who played Barbra Jean on the TV series Reba, now plays a grandmother on ABC Family’s Baby Daddy. The Minneapolis, Minn.-born actress has hosted several shows for CMT, including CMT Comedy Stage, Redneck Dreams and The Singing Bee, now in its fourth season, and has opened as a comedy act for Reba McIntire on tour. Of her new role on Baby Daddy, she says, “For a second it was hard to say ‘grandmother’ out loud. But then I thought it’s probably a good move, because if I said I was playing a supermodel, people would say, ‘Real-ly?’ But if I say, ‘I am playing a grandma,’ people say, ‘You’re too young.’”