‘Men of A Certain Age’ Actor Scott Bakula

Celebrity Q&A
on July 17, 2011

Does Scott Bakula, who is a successful actor, mind playing one who is not on TNT’s Men of a Certain Age?
—Harold Krieger, Dover, Del.

Bakula, 56, who was born in St. Louis, Mo., enjoys playing struggling actor Terry Elliott in the series about three best friends in their late 40s facing the realities of middle age.

“I can relate to times in my life when acting wasn’t going so well for me. I have many friends this age who are still trying to make a go of it,” he says. “So, I loved this character from the get-go.”

That said, the former Quantum Leap star adds that while some of what Terry goes through reminds him of his early days in New York, the show doesn’t mirror his own real-life career. The writers, he says, don’t ask him for input “about when you were struggling and you were in bartending school in New York City.” But, he adds, the storylines they come up with “are close enough that they resonate with me.”

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