Actress Merritt Wever

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on August 29, 2011

We would like to know more about the actress who plays Zoey on Nurse Jackie. We think she is really hilarious and adds so much to the show.
—Marie and Loberta Staley, Thurmont, Md.

Merritt Wever plays student nurse Zoey Barkow on the Showtime dark-comedy series. The native New Yorker is a graduate of LaGuardia Performing Arts High School and Sarah Lawrence College and was raised by an activist mother. She began her career in New York City, appearing off-Broadway in Smashing and Cavedweller.

Of playing Zoey, she says, "I'm lucky because she could have been written really boringly, but they've given me a lot of room and space, and they let me be a bit of a weirdo, which I really appreciate."

Wever's other TV credits include Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Conviction, NCIS, The Wire and Something the Lord Made. She has appeared on the silver screen in Into the Wild, Michael Clayton, Signs and Tiny Furniture, among others.