Actor Michael Chiklis

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on July 14, 2002

A series titled The Comish was on a few years ago. What is the actor's name who played the comish, and what has he been doing since the show ended?
—Evelyn C., Kansas

The actor is Michael Chiklis, 38, who was born in Lowell, Mass., and stars in the FX series The Shield. He knew he wanted to act by age 5. At 13, he got his first professional theater job, which was at the Town and Country Playhouse in Salem, N.H. In high school, Chiklis was involved in high school productions and lettered in three sports. After graduating from Boston University's School of Fine Arts, he headed to New York. His big break came with the 1989 movie Wired, in which he portrayed late comedian John Belushi. Starting in 1991, he starred for five seasons in The Comish. Since then, Chiklis has starred in a one-man show on Broadway called Defending the Caveman, appeared in several feature films, and starred in the short-lived NBC comedy Daddio. In 2000, he appeared as Curley in the television movie The Three Stooges. He and his wife, Michelle, have two daughters.