Actor Michael Nouri

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on June 10, 2007

Q Please help my friend and me settle a disagreement. She says an actor on The O.C. was Jennifer Beals' boyfriend in the movie Flashdance. I say no way—it's two different people.
—Mark O., Farmville, Va.

Your friend is correct. Michael Nouri, who portrayed Dr. Neil Roberts on the FOX-TV series The O.C., played the blue-collar boyfriend/boss in 1983's Flashdance. Nouri, 61, has been acting steadily since 1969, when he had a brief appearance in the comedy Goodbye, Columbus. You may have seen him most recently in the movies Invincible, set in the 1970s football world of the Philadelphia Eagles, and Boynton Beach Club, in which he played a retirement-community playboy.