Actor Michael Weatherly

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on August 26, 2001

I've watched Dark Angel several times, and each time I'm sure I'll be able to place the actor who plays Eyes Only (Logan Cale), but I draw a blank. Who is he, and where have I seen him before?
—Thurman H., Nevada

He is 33-year-old Michael Weatherly, and his television roles are numerous. Born in New York City and raised in Fairfield, Conn., Weatherly left college to pursue a career in acting. He landed his first job as Theo Huxtable's roommate on The Cosby Show, which led to numerous television guest spots. He also was on the soap operas Loving and The City. Dark Angel isn't Weatherly's first series on FOX. He was a regular on the short-lived Significant Others. Film credits include The Specials and Venus and Mars. Weatherly has one son, August, born in 1996, and he's engaged to Dark Angel star Jessica Alba. He lives in Los Angeles.