Actress Michelle Borth

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on August 15, 2011

Now that Michelle Borth is on Combat Hospital, will she be able to return to Hawaii 5-0 as Steve McGarrett's girlfriend?
—Connie Kameha, Honolulu

The scripts for next season's Hawaii 5-0 have not yet been written, so Borth, 33, isn't sure. "That's a good question. I don't know," she says. "She was an original character, and she wasn't killed off in the original series. As long as they keep me alive, I will be glad to go back."

It also depends on the status of Combat Hospital, on which she plays Canadian surgeon Rebecca Gordon, who is part of a multi-national medical team in Southern Afghanistan. If Combat Hospital is filming at the same time as Hawaii 5-0, it would preclude her return.

Of her new role as an U.S. Army doc, the Secaucus, N.J., native says, "One of the biggest struggles that my character has, coming from Western civilized medicine, is learning that we don't have the fancy resources. We don't have the MRIs or CT scans, so Rebecca has trouble understanding that you can't expend all the resources on one soldier."

Surprisingly, Borth, 32, learned a lot about medical procedures for the series by watching videos online. "You would be amazed at what you can learn on YouTube," she says. "I am not kidding. I learned how to insert a chest tube. I swear."