Figure Skater Michelle Kwan

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on November 14, 2004

Is Michelle Kwan engaged? Is she still skating?

—Beverly S., Ohio

The ice-skating champion from Torrance, Calif., is single and not engaged. She still competes regularly and takes classes at the University of California at Los Angeles in the off-season. “During a typical day, when I’m training, I usually skate three times a day: morning, afternoon and night for about an hour each,” says Kwan, 24. “I take a nap in the afternoon and work out off-ice after my evening session. I do that about five days a week. On the weekends I lift weights, hang out with friends—go to a movie, beach volleyball, rollerblade—or just chill. When I’m home, no matter how crazy my schedule, I always carve out time for my friends. It’s a priority for me.”