Crossing Jordan’ Star Miguel Ferrer

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on June 29, 2003

NBC's Crossing Jordan is one of my favorite shows. Can you tell me something about Miguel Ferrer? Is he Rosemary Clooney's son?
—A.J., Texas

You're right. The late Rosemary Clooney is Miguel Ferrer's mother. His father is Jose Ferrer. But despite his parentage, Ferrer didn't set out to become an actor. The Santa Monica, Calif., native began show business as a studio musician. His credits include playing drums on Keith Moon's Two Sides of the Moon. In fact, he had to be talked into doing his first acting role, which was on the television series Sunshine. Bandmate Billy Mumy, who played Will Robinson on Lost in Space, cast him in the role of a drummer. Since then, he's added numerous movie and television credits to his list of works. His movie credits include the Oscar-winning Traffic. He met his wife, actress Leilani Sarrelle, while making the thriller, Harvest. Ferrer, 48, hasn't forgotten his musical side, though. He and Mumy still play in clubs, and their band, the Jenerators, has released a couple of CDs. When time allows, Ferrer likes to play golf, and every year he helps organize a golf tournament fundraiser for the UCLA Children's Hospital. He lives in Los Angeles and has two sons.