Chef Ming Tsai

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on March 11, 2001

I love the cooking show East Meets West with Ming Tsai on the Food Network. Can you tell me a little about Ming Tsai?
—Holly R., South Dakota

Ming Tsai started cooking as a teenager at his family's Dayton, Ohio, Chinese restaurant. He earned a degree in mechanical engineering from Yale before pursuing his culinary career. Ming studied in Paris, then received a master's degree in hotel administration and hospitality marketing from Cornell University. After working as a food and beverage director, he was lured back to the kitchen in 1992 as executive chef in some of the country's top restaurants. He and his wife, Polly, opened their own restaurant, Blue Ginger, in 1998 in Wellesley, Mass., (pop. 26,615). The television show, East Meets West with Ming Tsai, debuted in September 1998 on the Food Network. The following May, he won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Service Show Host. He's also written a cookbook, Blue Ginger: East Meets West Cooking with Ming Tsai. He and his wife live in Needham, Mass., (pop. 27,775).