Actress Miranda Richardson

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on August 24, 2011

I just saw Turtle: The Incredible Journey, which was narrated by Miranda Richardson. Is she particularly fond of loggerhead turtles? Why did she decide to get involved with the project?
—Ann Radish, Bellingham, Wash.

British actress Richardson, 53, is an ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund. “Conservation of species, which is what WWF stands for, does not necessarily mean animal welfare. It means all species, including us and the integration of species,” she says.

“But the big thing is bio-diversity and how necessary it is, and how we are messing up. It is important that kids see what has to be avoided for the success of any species—in this instance, for the loggerhead turtle to survive, but ultimately for all of us to make it in this world.” 

The London-based actress, who plays Rita Skeeter in three of the Harry Potter movies, has two dogs and two cats.