The Weather Channel’s Mish Michaels

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on October 3, 2004

What happened to Mish Michaels, who used to do the weather with Jim Cantore on The Weather Channel?
—Alice C., Kentucky

In 2001, she joined the CBS affiliate in Boston, a city she's called home since earning a master's degree from Harvard University. Born in Calcutta, India, her given name is Anuradha. Mish, a family nickname, comes from Mishtu, which means "sweet." She says she's wanted to work as a weather forecaster in Boston since her college days. "First, southern New England gets hit with it all—hurricanes, severe weather, ice storms, nor'easters," she says. "This is the place to be when it comes to tackling the full range of tough forecasts. The Boston area also has a rich weather community with lots of history. The oldest weather observatory in North America is located just south of Boston and the American Meteorological Society is headquartered here too."