FOX News Reporter Molly Henneburg

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on August 22, 2004

Could you please tell me what happened to Fox News reporter Molly Henneberg? She was last stationed in Baghdad.

—Cheryl V., Iowa

She is now back in Washington, D.C., covering national news, after spending the fall of 2003 reporting from Iraq. “I volunteered to go back the second time,” she says. “I was there in May and June right after the war ended. I know it’s dangerous, but I love the Iraqi people. They were so kind to me, so helpful and friendly. They welcomed me into their homes, shared their food and drinks with me and told me their stories and opinions. (They) wanted to hear all about America.” One of Henneberg’s biggest surprises came when she was doing a story on shopping in Baghdad. “I happened to hear a girl who looked about my age speaking English,” she recalled. “I asked her, ‘Would you be willing to do an interview with us?’ She looked at me and smiled and said, ‘Do you like the group Metallica? I love Metallica!’ She was great. As I was leaving, she said, ‘If you meet Metallica, tell ’em I said, ‘Hi!'” Henneberg wants to return to Iraq but says she’ll more than likely stay in the United States to cover this year’s presidential election.