Mom’s quilt

Shared Stories
on April 10, 2011

I am a member of the Granbury Quilters Guild and I have a story to tell about a group of the most caring and devoted quilters.  Our main purpose of this charity non profit is to reach out to the community with our craft of quilting.  There was one member of our group Barbara Worrel, who was always willing to help on a committee working on a charity quilt.  Even though she had cancer , she was willing to move past  that and help with quilts for Habitat or for Guadamala Missions.  She was always up beat with a smile on her face and I never knew as I stitched along side her that she  had a deadly disease.  I was shocked one day to find out that she was dying.  She had so much talent and had made many quilts.  It was one of her last wishes to enter her final quilt in the next quilt show.  Unfortunately she died before she completed it.  One of our members, Donna Gudat was determined to help get Barbara's quilt completed for the show.  Barbara's daughter, Katharine, wanted very much to learn how to help her mom's wish come true.  So together Donna taught Katharine how to complete the quilt. Oct 22-23 2011 the quilt will be entered in the show.  It is in Granbury, just off the historic square in the Granbury Conference Center.

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