Television Personality Montel Williams

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on February 26, 2006

Whatever happened to Montel Williams? Did his multiple sclerosis force him to stop working?
—Jean Kester, Bloomsburg, Pa.

Williams, who just entered his 15th season with his popular TV talk show, is very much still working—and proud of his namesake program's legacy. "I think people tune in because we talk about issues that affect their lives on a daily basis," says Williams, 49, who recently returned from Louisiana where he and FUBU clothing donated $1 million worth of garments to hurricane victims. As for his multiple sclerosis, "I have MS; MS doesn't have me," he insists. Still, he acknowledges that he struggles with it every day. "One of the primary symptoms of the disease is depression, but I deal with it. I wake up every day and try to put my best foot forward and try to make the best out of every single day." Williams has homes in New York and Utah, where he spends his free time snowboarding, which he says counters some of his MS symptoms. He also is working on an album.