Country Duo Montgomery Gentry

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on June 6, 2004

What can you tell me about the two men in Montgomery Gentry?
—David R., Utah

Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry have just released their new CD, You Do Your Thing. Some critics are calling this new CD the Kentucky duo's finest ever, so don't be surprised if they find a few awards to add to their collection, which includes the 2000 Country Music Association Duo of the Year. Eddie, the brother of hit maker John Michael Montgomery, grew up in his family band, enamored of deep-dish country and Southern rock. Troy Gentry sang along at home to the records of Elvis Presley and Bruce Springsteen. It was Randy Travis's music that inspired him to make a career as a country performer, and he joined the Montgomery brothers in the band Young Country. In the 1990s, Eddie and Troy forged a fired-up brand of working man's music. The secret to their partnership, jokes Eddie, is that "we've got videotape on each other right out of high school, so if anything happens, we're gonna sell 'em!" "No," he adds, "we've just known each other so long. We've even got each other out of jail!" Troy and Angie Gentry have two daughters, Kaylee and Taylor. Eddie and his wife, Tracy, have four children, Kevin, Brooke, Candace and Hunter.