Montgomery Gentry Hits

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on November 27, 2005

Montgomery Gentry's Hit Parade

It's been six years since Montgomery Gentry burst onto the scene with their unique brand of modern-day, rocking country music. The duo's new CD, Something To Be Proud Of: Best of 1999-2005, is a collection of hits that have built a career that continues to gain momentum. The romping, stomping "Hillbilly Shoes" was the song that got the engines roaring in the first place for Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry. "It's real, it's up and it's in your face," Montgomery says of their first hit. "It set the tone for everything that came afterward." More recently, the autobiographical "My Town" paid tribute to all of the support the duo continues to get from their hometown of Lexington, Ky. "Whether you're from New Orleans, Lexington or Los Angeles, where you're from is ‘our town,'" Montgomery says. "It's great to be a part of a song that celebrates that." Other hits on the new CD include "Daddy Won't Sell The Farm," "Something To Be Proud Of," "Speed" and "Gone."