Movember: 15 Iconic Mustaches

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on November 6, 2013

If you’re seeing an unusual number of mustaches, that may be because it’s Movember — and no, that’s not a typo. Movember, short for Mustache November, is a charitable movement started in Australia in 2004.

sam-elliott-mustacheSam Elliott
Sam Elliott’s mustache takes over his face, demanding respect whether he is playing a cowboy, a cop, a pilot or a stranger.

theodore-Roosevelt-mustacheTheodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt’s commanding mustache reflects his use of the slogan “Speak softly and carry a big stick” (or in his case, an impressive mustache). One of the most awesome mustaches to grace a president’s face, Roosevelt’s ‘stache is literally etched in stone — on Mount Rushmore.

After pianist, composer and music producer Yanni shaved his mustache because it interfered with his scuba diving hobby, its shadow remained on the minds of his fans. In years past, Yanni has joined the Movember movement and even has a twitter account, aptly called @YannisMoustache, dedicated to raising money.

Want more mustaches? We couldn’t resist these five European legends who sport stellar ‘staches:

Charlie-Chaplin-mustacheCharlie Chaplin
Silent film star Charlie Chaplin added a short, thick toothbrush mustache to his costume to give his character a comical appearance. The ‘stache became a defining feature of the actor’s best characters.

Salvador-Dali-mustacheSalvador Dali
Salvador Dali’s slender, upturned mustache is famous enough to have a book written about it. In “Dali’s Mustache,” author Philippe Halsman features pictures of the mustache in bizarre configurations that imitate the artist’s surrealistic paintings.

Albert-Einstein-mustacheAlbert Einstein
German physicist Albert Einstein’s bushy, gray mustache matches his shaggy hair, giving him the iconic look that defined him as an eccentric genius.

Friederich-Nietzsche-mustacheFriedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche had distinct thoughts and a unique mustache to match; his thoughts were organized, but his walrus handlebar mustache was thick and wild.

Borat-mustacheSacha Baron Cohen (as Borat)
The fictional Kazakh journalist Borat took America by storm in his controversial “documentary” featuring the foreigner interacting with people around the country. What was less controversial than the movie? Borat’s distinct, bushy mustache.