My Miniature Pitcher Collection

Shared Stories
on February 21, 2011

I have a very unique collection of miniature pitchers. The collection was started in 1920 by my grandmother, passed to my mother, and now I have it displayed in my home. There are over 500 pitchers in my collection. They are from all over the world; England, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Africa, Mexico, South America, Japan and all over the U.S. My grandmother began the collection as mementos from her travels.

The largest pitchers in the glass cabinet are 6" tall and the smallest is 1/4" (see photo with ruler). The pitchers are made of silver, copper, glass, wood, seashells, even one of snakeskin and horsehair. Some of the pitchers are "Toby" figures and animals.

My favorites are the tiny pink pitchers that were made by my father who was a dentist and formed the pitchers from dental molding material. They bring back such wonderful memories!

The collection is quite a conversation piece and I have pitchers in almost every room of my home. I enjoy adding pitchers to my collection, but the really tiny ones are very hard to find. I will someday pass the pitchers on to my three daughters.

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